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Advisory Group - Building and Land Development

Summary of Meeting with Dan Meek of Norfolk Property Services (NPS) Wednesday 8th March 2018
Read summary (PDF file)

Report on our attendance at the Examination into the JLP
Cllrs Haigh and Howard attended the hearing held by the Inspectors at Follaton House on February  27th and Cllr  Haigh was able to make representations to the Inspector conducting the hearing. Read report (PDF file)

Report to Parish Council meeting on 13.02.18. - Cllr R Haigh
Cllr R Haigh reported that an additional statement has been made to SHDC regards the joint local plan. Read statement (PDF file)

Report to Parish Council meeting on 09.01.18.
Key Points from Building and Land Development Advisory Group Meeting 30th November 2017
1. Joint Local Plan (JLP)
a. Further representations have been submitted by RH to the Planning Inspectorate in advance of the Inquiry starting in January 2018;
b. Clarifications have been sought from SHDC on allocations for sustainable villages and also completions;
c. Councillors have been contacted in an effort to elicit a response from SHDC Officers;
d. Further representations will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on the assumption that a satisfactory response is not forthcoming from SHDC;
e. In conjunction with the JLP process, a RH will ask Peter Smerdon to organise a meeting with Tom Jones, the Senior Strategic Planner at SHDC.
2. Devon County Council Land
a. RH, Kim Howard and RK will meet representatives of DCC in the New Year to discuss their ownerships in the Parish;
b. It was agreed that DCC would be advised that any approval or support for housing development on DCC land would not be forthcoming until the outcome the JLP consultation was known and that the question of housing development at Glebe Farm should be separated from that of the use of other land for amenity purposes.
3. Dartington Land
a. The lease of the playground has been agreed with DHT and should be granted in the New Year;
b. It is understood that the Kettlewell Land has been sold to Mr and Mrs Martin;
4. Planing Applications
a. It was resolved that the weekly list of planning applications would be circulated to members of the Advisory Group and also posted on the Rattery Email exchange to enable greater transparency for Parishioners;
b. It was agreed that the Advisory Group should provide more guidance to the PC generally on applications;
5. Neighbourhood Planning
a. EL to undertake more research into the Neighbour Hood planning process in New Year;
b. Consideration of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan would be under review pending adoption of the JLP.

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Click here to view the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan submitted on Monday 31 July 2017 to the secretary of State.

Click here to download PLYMOUTH AND SOUTH WEST DEVON JOINT LOCAL PLAN REGULATION 19 CONSULTATION Joint representations from Rattery Parish Council and Rattery Parish Plan Steering Group (PDF file)