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Advisory Group - Building and Land Development

Report of the meeting on November 6th of the Building and Land Development Advisory Group
Present: Richard Keen, Anthony Cox, Elaine Leach, Ray Willis, Nick Ferguson, Rob Hatt, Richard Haigh.
Apologies: Adrian Antrum

  1. The meeting was called to decide on any submission to the public consultation on major modifications to the Joint Local Plan.
  2. The major modifications were listed on a paper prepared by Richard Haigh.
  3. Following a full discussion the Group decided to advise the Parish Council that the Major Modifications were acceptable and, in the case of the readjustment from 20 to 10 of the Indicative Level of Housing for Rattery, welcome.
  4. In these circumstances the Group felt that it was not necessary to make any submission to the public consultation.
  5. We now await the adoption of the Joint Local Plan at which point further discussion will be appropriate to consider various matters including neighbourhood planning, and housing need.
  6. In the meantime the Group advised the Parish Council to continue to record any small scale development in the parish – so called “windfall”.
  7. Richard Haigh confirmed he has spoken to Devon Communities Together and found out that the housing needs survey done earlier in the year attracted only 300 responses over the whole area and so did not reveal much. As far as Rattery is concerned they suggested that, given the recent development in Garden Close, a new survey would not be warranted for at least 3 years. In the meantime their advice was to monitor the need for affordable housing in the parish by checking with the Devon Home Choice system to see if anyone in Rattery had registered. This would give us a pretty good idea of any demand.

Planning Applications
Our Local Planning Authority is South Hams District Council follow the link below for further information including details of current applications.
If you are thinking of making a planning application you are very welcome to discuss the matter informally with the Parish Council Advisory Group in advance of the application. The group may be able to help identify key issues and processes. Contact the Clerk, Mrs Sharon Raggett, for further details.

Liberty Housing Association (formerly Devon & Cornwall Housing) 01392 252566 have a small development of new houses in the village.  South Devon Rural Housing Association 01803 863550 have a number of bungalows for elderly & disabled people & some housing for young people to rent in the Village.  For information on renting, go to website. For information on buying go to website

Help the Aged Senior Line 08088 006565 can give advice to the elderly or their relatives.

Helping you to live in a warmer home and saving you money

Cosy Devon’s LEAP (Local Energy Advice Programme) is a free service providing advice, support and energy saving measures to households that are finding it difficult to keep their home warm and comfortable. A highly-trained LEAP helper will carry out a home visit and deliver help immediately. This includes:
installing a range of simple measures (radiator panels, LED light bulbs, draught proofing for doors, windows and letterboxes, cylinder jackets, pipe lagging)
organising the installation of a new heating controller where it is inadequate or broken
identifying larger energy efficiency measures that would improve the property where further funding is available (e.g. insulation or replacement boiler)
looking at the potential for savings from switching energy supplier and helps the resident to switch if required
checking whether the resident wants income maximisation advice and organising this

Those eligible include:
People in receipt of certain benefits, carers, those living with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, recently bereaved and many long term medical conditions.

If you know of anyone who may benefit then please call 01296 311888 or refer them into the programme using the online form at

Help for homeowners, landlords and park home owners from South Hams District Council!
South Hams District Council, in partnership with not-for-profit organisation Wessex Home Improvement Loans, may be able to provide homeowners, park home owners and landlords with subsidised finance to carry out essential repair works to their homes. Works are assessed by the council and include boiler repair, replacement or heating installation, damp repair, structural works including roof/thatch repair, electrical and plumbing works, rotten windows replacement, or upgrades to bathrooms and kitchens over 15 years old and in need of repair.    Eligibility is wide to include people who own their own homes who may have savings and/or an income but who wouldn’t be able to afford repairs or access finance elsewhere.  Call South Hams District Council on 01803 861234 for more information or visit website

Report on our attendance at the Examination into the JLP
Cllrs Haigh and Howard attended the hearing held by the Inspectors at Follaton House on February  27th and Cllr  Haigh was able to make representations to the Inspector conducting the hearing. Read report (PDF file)

Report to Parish Council meeting on 13.02.18. - Cllr R Haigh
Cllr R Haigh reported that an additional statement has been made to SHDC regards the joint local plan. Read statement (PDF file)

Report to Parish Council meeting on 09.01.18.
Key Points from Building and Land Development Advisory Group Meeting 30th November 2017
1. Joint Local Plan (JLP)
a. Further representations have been submitted by RH to the Planning Inspectorate in advance of the Inquiry starting in January 2018;
b. Clarifications have been sought from SHDC on allocations for sustainable villages and also completions;
c. Councillors have been contacted in an effort to elicit a response from SHDC Officers;
d. Further representations will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on the assumption that a satisfactory response is not forthcoming from SHDC;
e. In conjunction with the JLP process, a RH will ask Peter Smerdon to organise a meeting with Tom Jones, the Senior Strategic Planner at SHDC.
2. Devon County Council Land
a. RH, Kim Howard and RK will meet representatives of DCC in the New Year to discuss their ownerships in the Parish;
b. It was agreed that DCC would be advised that any approval or support for housing development on DCC land would not be forthcoming until the outcome the JLP consultation was known and that the question of housing development at Glebe Farm should be separated from that of the use of other land for amenity purposes.
3. Dartington Land
a. The lease of the playground has been agreed with DHT and should be granted in the New Year;
b. It is understood that the Kettlewell Land has been sold to Mr and Mrs Martin;
4. Planing Applications
a. It was resolved that the weekly list of planning applications would be circulated to members of the Advisory Group and also posted on the Rattery Email exchange to enable greater transparency for Parishioners;
b. It was agreed that the Advisory Group should provide more guidance to the PC generally on applications;
5. Neighbourhood Planning
a. EL to undertake more research into the Neighbour Hood planning process in New Year;
b. Consideration of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan would be under review pending adoption of the JLP.

Click here to go to the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan: Examination website page

Click here to view the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan submitted on Monday 31 July 2017 to the secretary of State.

Click here to download PLYMOUTH AND SOUTH WEST DEVON JOINT LOCAL PLAN REGULATION 19 CONSULTATION Joint representations from Rattery Parish Council and Rattery Parish Plan Steering Group (PDF file)


  1. To advise the Parish Council on the delivery of the relevant sections of the Parish Plan and monitor delivery of the Parish Plan priorities;
  2. To gather information and provide advice to the Parish Council on matters  concerning building and land development;
  3. To offer an interface with the Parish Council for parishioners and planning applicants on matters relating to building and land development.


  1. Consult with parishioners on matters relating to planning applications, and building and land development;
  2. Undertake, on request, informal discussions with planning applicants.
  3. Carry out research as above;
  4. Liaise with outside bodies, in particular with the local planning authority, South Hams District Council (SHDC);
  5. Monitor and report on progress with the Parish Plan;
  6. Make recommendations to the Parish Council;
  7. Organise community action (as agreed by the Parish Council).

Membership is open to interested parties.  The Council will nominate a serving Parish Councillor to provide the formal link between the Advisory Group and the Council.  Representative(s) of outside bodies will be invited to attend meetings at the Chairman’s discretion.

Richard Keen (Chair)
Adrian Antrum
Anthony Cox
Nick Ferguson
Richard Haigh
Rob Hatt
Elaine Leach
Ray Willis

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