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Advisory Group - Children and Young People

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Young People Monthly Report - March

  1. Advisory Group

The Advisory Group had our first meeting on 29th March, fundraising ideas were discussed and the options for primary contact with the Parish Young People. See full minutes.

  1. TRAYE
  2. Budgets and Funding options for the provision of TRAYE at our Parish are being looked into by Cllr Richard Haigh and Cllr Anna Boulger, and a meeting is being organised to discuss this with Cllr Jacqui Hodgson.
  3. A drop-in open session is being organised between Cllr Anna Boulger and the Advisory Group, to discuss with Young People of our parish, what they would like the provision to include. TRAYE will be represented by Youth Worker Kerry McCabe.
  4. Update on Youth Group ‘Wild Garden’

The group continues to grow in popularity; the age range seems to have decreased mostly to under 5yo. Paper advertising will go up in the village to draw in more parishoners with ‘Early Years’ Children.

Cllr. Anna Boulger

Report to Parish Council meeting on 13.02.18. - Cllr Mrs A Boulger
This years TAP fund was successful with £4,400 Cllr Mrs A Boulger will make contact with representatives from the other Parishes about this.  Last years TAP money has been used to purchase table tennis table, dart board and table football for the youth club and will be delivered to the village hall this week.
The advisory Group is in the process of coming together, with our first meeting scheduled for Feb 22nd. Four members confirmed with others still to respond. 
Update on Youth Group ‘Wild Garden’
The youth group I have running has been going well and gaining in popularity. I have had ages ranging from 9 months to 8 years old and feedback so far has been wholly positive. I would like to reach out more to our parish in particular moving forward.

Report to Parish Council meeting on 09.01.18.
We are awaiting the outcome of the Tap fund application for the first week in February. Cllr Mrs A Boulger is starting an outdoor learning group for young children from her property and will contact South Hams CVS to see if there are any funding streams.
Cllr R Hatt will look into the matter of starting a charitable status or group maybe to encompass the environment group and outdoor learning group and will report back at the next meeting.