St Mary's Church - Rattery

St Mary's Church (C of E) is the only church in Rattery and is open for prayer daily closing at 4pm. Vicar – Rev David Winnington Ingram who also covers South Brent Parish - telephone 01364 649070

Download information about St. Mary's Church (PDF file)

Those of you who have visited the churchyard recently will have noticed that this year we have  left areas to grow on, while cutting other areas to allow access to graves. This is to allow snowdrops, primroses and other plants to develop and seed. The plan is to mow and clear the remaining areas in late July/August and then to introduce some additional wild flower seeds and to develop a wild flower meadow.
When we do cut the whole churchyard we will need some additional help. Anyone with scythes ,strimmers and wheelbarrows will be welcome.
I hope that we can develop the churchyard into an interesting resource for the village.
If you have any comments or can be of assistance in maintaining the churchyard please get in touch. We meet every Tuesday at 6 for regular maintenance - email Ian Samuel. 08.06.16.


All services 11.15am with the exception of Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, and Remembrance Sunday when the service's start at 10.00am