Local Events and Information

The South Devon Steiner School is opening its doors to one of our most cherished events of the year: the Advent Fair and Craft Market. 

There is always so much to see and explore: Come and enjoy a festive time with our popular Angel Garden, Candle Dipping, Kid's Craft and Workshops, Wreath making, Story telling, Carol singing and Live Music. Also a new addition is the marvellous Advent Grotto.

We also always have a huge second hand clothes market with great quality clothes and accessories. The craft market is our biggest yet with over 30 vendors selling a selection of art, craft, food, plants, skincare and more…

Enjoy some fantastic organic and homemade meals and drinks with a Hot Choc Shack, Mulled Apple Juice, Homemade cakes and biscuits, freshly made Wood Fired Pizza, a Falafel Stall and a Curry Cafe.

Get into the festive spirit with us, explore our beautiful grounds and the best bit:  Entry is free! (Parking does incur a small fee of £5.00) 

The Fair is on Saturday, 23rd November 2019
10.00am - 4.00pm. All ages are welcome!

For more information visit website

The Four Dignities of Humankind
lying, sitting, standing & walking
Autumn 2019
21st September 2019: 10am – 1pm
19th October 2019: 10am – 1pm
16th November 2019: 10am – 1pm
14th December 2019: 10am-4.30pm
Including mid morning break with organic teas, coffees and snacks.

Funding available to homeowners and landlords for home improvements
South Hams District Council would like to make residents aware of funding that is available to make improvements to homes across the district.
Homeowners and landlords can apply for a loan to make improvements to their homes.  Essential home repairs such as a replacement boiler, new windows and doors, roof repairs (including thatch), plumbing, heating or electrical works and even structural repairs are included under the scheme.
Everyone receives the same interest rate, whether you borrow £1,000 or £15,000 and no matter what your circumstances or credit score.  You can choose your own contractor and there are a variety of loan products available to suit individual needs*.
The scheme is delivered through Wessex Resolutions CIC, a not-for-profit lender that works in close partnership with the council.  Established in 2003, Wessex Resolutions has helped many homeowners throughout the South West, lending almost £13.6 million. 
A recent client said "I had no idea the scheme existed until I contacted the Council. When my adviser visited me and explained everything perfectly it was a huge burden lifted from me – loan repayments that I can afford and the efficiency with which it was all arranged. I am truly grateful to all concerned.”
For more information, telephone Wessex Resolutions on 01823 461099, visit website or email (*subject to eligibility)

Devon Air Ambulance
The Devon Air Ambulance needs a community of volunteers to keep our 19 charity shops open and helicopters flying. Could you occasionally spare an hour or two to help your local shop? You do not have to have any previous retail experience as we offer friendly support, training and encouragement. This opportunity would suit anyone who may like to get out of the house, make new friends and do something worthwhile, all while having fun! To find out where your nearest shop is and how you can help. Please contact our Volunteer Manager Cara Jones by calling 01392 466666 or email for more information.

Would you like to receive fresh, organic produce grown at your local community farm?

School Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is now open to new members.  School Farm CSA is a unique organic market garden run by four women growers on the Dartington Estate.  For the past two years we have been supplying our local community with fresh, organic, local produce and this year we will be doubling our food production, meaning we can open our gates to new members.
CSA members get an array of seasonal, freshly picked produce, whilst supporting ecological farming practices and local livelihoods.  A share of the produce contains a range of freshly harvested vegetables and some fruit (roughly 5-10 items per week).  A share is designed to feed a household of two adults per week, or a larger family that don’t cook every day. 
Members also receive a monthly CSA newsletter with recipes and farm updates, and are invited to attend events, volunteer days and courses at the farm.  We aim to supply a weekly box of vegetables from June through to January, weather permitting.  You can pick up your vegetables in Totnes, Bridgetown or on the Dartington Hall Estate.  For more information please email Jenny or visit our website

A message from Tracey Weaver, Dog Warden. SHDC

“I wish all dog owners in the South Hams, the very best for Christmas 2014, thank you to those of you who support my work in the area.

Please remember that a “Dog is for life, not just for Christmas”. Please do not buy a puppy as a Christmas gift unless you fully understand the responsibilities which they come with –

  • Time consuming training (essential);
  • Routine (essential) and perhaps, emergency visits to the vet, which can be costly;
  • Walkies twice a day regardless of the weather (at least 20 mins twice a day)!;
  • Proper shelter, food and water;
  • Careful consideration of what happens to him/her when you are on holiday;
  • A life of picking up and correctly disposing dog poo, whether an adult walks the dog, or whether this is delegated to a younger family member

And then hopefully you will have a lifetime of playful interaction, a  lot of fun, and the best friend ever!

If you are keen on getting a dog, please consider  rescuing one from a re-homing centre, but make sure that you know as much about him as possible, and that he is the right one for you, your home and your family, there is nothing worse for the dog than being moved from one owner to another and another.

Tracey Weaver, Dog Warden. SHDC

Free Highway Code education for car, motorbike and lorry go to Rightdriver.co.uk.

No registration or payment is required.

Rightdriver.co.uk is preferred and used by a large number of driving instructors, youth organisations, (such as scouts and army cadets), community organisations and more to help people get their driver’s licence due to its free official Highway Code questions.