Rattery Parish Council

Rattery Parish Council - Responsibilities
  • Elected body (Click link for details of Rattery Parish Councillors)
  • First tier of local government
  • Funded by a precept –a share of council tax
  • Few duties* but freedom to choose what action to take
  • Key roles:           
      • Represent the interests of the community
      • Improve the quality of life and the local environment
      • Influence other decision makers such as principal local authorities
      • Deliver services to meet local needs
  • In simple terms, there is little the Parish Council has to do but much it could do.
  • The recently created Parish Plan gives the Parish Council a clear agenda for the period 2017 - 2022.

* Our principal local authorities, South Hams District Council and Devon County Council, have many legal duties to deliver services such as education, housing, town and country planning, transport, environmental health and social services.


  • 10 each year
  • Village Hall
  • 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month, except for August & December
  • Public very welcome
  • Parishioners Question Time at every meeting
  • Agenda, Minutes and Budget published on the Parish Website and noticeboards

To raise any matters of concern or interest

  • Contact the Clerk – Sharon Raggett  Tel: 01364 644109 or email
  • Talk to a Councillor
  • Attend a meeting and have your say in Parishioners Question Time

Mrs Sharon Raggett
34 Balland Park
TQ13 7BT
Tel 01364 654607
Email sharon.raggett@sky.com


  • 7 councillors
  • Elections every 4 years
  • People interested in standing as candidates are advised to attend meetings to find out more.

Pre-election training courses available

Current Council

Main responsibilities:

Parish Plan
Building Development
Neighbourhood Watch



Contact details:
Culver Lane
TQ10 9LJ
Tel: 01364 72239
Email: richard.haigh@rocketmail.com


Main responsibilities:
Vice Chairman
Road Warden
Highways & Drainage

Contact details:
Ashbourne Farm
TQ10 9LN
Email listerbass@hotmail.com

Main responsibilities:
Young People
Village Green
Parochial Church Council Link

Contact details:
Ashbourne Farm
TQ10 9LN
Email nickjopson@hotmail.com

Main responsibilities:
Business & Telecoms.
Village Green

Contact details:
The Pound House,
TQ10 9LD
Tel: 01364 642737
Mob: 07501 116046
Email robhatt01@gmail.com

Main responsibilities:
Environment and Public Open Spaces
Contact details:
Southern Light,
Almshouse Cross,
Tel: 01364 642511
Email: khoward@linebyline.co.uk

(Also our South Hams District Councillor)
Main responsibilities:
Highways & Drainage
Road Safety
Village Hall Link
Joint Snow Warden

Contact details:
Smallcombe Farm
South Brent
TQ10 9LH
Tel: 01364 642207
Email: smerdon@ukonline.co.uk

Main responsibilities: young people in the Parish

Contact details:
2 Cherry Trees
Culver Lane
TQ10 9LJ
Email: annaboulger@gmail.com