Rattery - Brains sur les Marches twinning group

This year it is Rattery's turn to visit our twinning village in France....Brains-sur-les-Marches, in the Mayenne.
We are just starting to plan the weekend, and wonder if anyone would like to join us for several days of fun, local visits, and lots of laughter,with our very hospitable hosts.
We haven't fixed a date yet, but it's looking likely to be the end of August 2016.
If anyone is interested, (and all are welcome..singles, couples or families) please email Jan for more details as they become available.

Rattery - Braines Twinning - Local paper article

Eight families of the municipality welcomed all weekend, eighteen English counterparts on the occasion of the twinning Brains-sur-les-Marches - Rattery, for the third year. They  were able to visit the Museum of the Forge, the garden of the Denazé Boulay, the Castle, the pond of mulberry trees and the wash-House of Craon.  Every evening, all gathered together to enjoy a meal in the general good humour. In order to seal their union the commune of Rattery (which means in French means red oak), has offered a red oak to Brains.


If you are interested in joining us in our ongoing twinning adventure, please contact Janine Walker (secretary) for more information. Telephone 01364 649272 or email

To see pictures of twinning events go to Flickr