Rattery Parish Plan

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To help deliver the Parish Plan we have set up Advisory Groups to harness the expertise, enthusiasm and energy of parishioners who would like to get involved. The initial membership of each group was drawn from the volunteers who have helped to produce the Plan but we would really like to recruit many more people to join in. If you would like to help please contact our Clerk, Sharon Ragget.
The groups are:  Building and Land Development; Business and Telecommunications; Highways and Drainage; Environment; Children and Young People.
The groups provide advice to the Parish Council and, on behalf of the Council, do a lot of detailed work in their area of expertise. Each group includes at least one Parish Councillor and reports to each meeting of the council.

Parish Plan Steering Group
Nick Ferguson (Chairman)
Kay Gautry (Secretary)            
Steph Bradley
Richard Haigh                       
Rob Hatt                                     
Richard Keen
Nigel King
Elaine Leach        
Alison Muscutt 
Alison Samuel
Val Tagg
Sue Tett
Terry Underhill
Ray Willis

The Steering Group of the Parish Plan meets on the first Thursday of each month at 6.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. The meetings are open to parishioners to attend as observers and all are welcome.

We would welcome your contribution to these working parties so if you are interested please contact Kay Gautry, Secretary Parish Plan Steering Group. She will put you in touch with the group leader.

email:  plan@ratteryvillage.co.uk
post:    Rattery Plan, Rattery Village Hall, Rattery TQ10 9LD  
telephone: 01364 642511.