Rattery Garden Show and Sports 2017

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Rattery Village Show 2017
Chairpersons report.

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Hello all,
To celebrate the Garden Show and Sports 70th Anniversary members of the Committee and residents dressed in 1940’s fashion, the lovely weather helping to make it a fantastic day.

The committee and volunteers.

The event was officially opened by Mr Tony Coaker, who attended the first show in 1947 when he was 12 years old. He gave us an insight into what that show was like with his wonderful memories. (The full speech can be seen at the end of this report). Please read it as it was very enjoyable.

Mr Tony Coaker opening the show.

Attendance this year was up with a good turnout of locals and campers on holiday from the nearby ‘Ashbourne Woodlands’.
It was really nice to see so many people participating both at the side stalls and in the races which were very well supported, we had to increase the number of heats to accommodate them all, brilliant!

The young girls enjoying their race.

The wheelbarrow race in full action.

We also had 3 vintage tractors sited on the field for everybody to view and even have their photographs taken on. During the interval Gordon, John and Julian paraded them round the field for all to see. Many thanks to them for bringing them to the show, we hope we can expand this feature next year.

Tractors on their parade.

Don on duty running the coconut shy.

Andy busy picking up the pieces – crockery smash.

Welly wanging, Sandy keeping an eye on the welly

With the weather being so nice, we actually sold out of ice creams, and a huge thankyou to Alan & Jan who looked great in their 1940’s ice cream seller’s outfits.

Alan & Jan looking the part.

All our side stalls were very busy during the afternoon, especially the Human Fruit Machine. And a very big thankyou goes to Terry and all of his volunteers who manned it.

Terry with some of his helpers.

Thank also to the ladies, Joy, Dot and Sue (not in the photo) who tempted you to part with your cash for the wonderful raffle prizes, hope you were lucky.

Joy and Dot who were very busy selling raffle tickets.

During the morning the judges, with the help of their stewards did a fantastic job in judging all the wonderful vegetable entries, flowers, flower arranging, cakes, jams, baking, handicrafts, art and photography.  There were more exhibits this year, making it even more difficult for the judges to pick the eventual winners and runners up.

Thank you to all the judges and stewards for their hard work, and well done to all who won and entered, we wouldn’t have a show without you, and if you didn’t win this year, there is always next year!

I have to say a massive thankyou to Angela and all of her team,(who are always too busy selling and preparing wonderful cakes, sandwiches and cups of tea to see any of the show themselves), for their fantastic work during the day and beforehand.  You too also looked superb in your outfits.
I have so many more thankyous to add, and they are:
Richard – show secretary. Philip, Ian and John – gate and car park.  Mark, Deborah, Jess and Wayne – lamb roast. Ken Creber – PA and music. Will and Sarah – their brewery and Tim and Dawn for donating their Bulkamore Cider. Rachel and Tony - teas.  Janet, Mark and Daniel – Sheep.
Pete – PA commentary. Tom Forward – use of field for cross country race.  Linda and Joy – face painting. Sandy, James and Scott – Welly wanging.  Heather – Hoopla.  Andy & Phil – Crockery Smash. And of course, my wife Val Hook-a-duck.
Special thanks to Buz and Lin for all their hard work, before, during and after the show.  
And last but not least you the public. THANK YOU ALL for making it such a great 70th village show. Hope to see you all again next year.

Mr Tony Coaker – opening speech.
Good afternoon everyone, welcome to our 70th Garden Show & Sports. 70 years!! What an incredible achievement, still to be going strong after all that time.

The original committee, being secretary Miss Jean Armstrong who lived at the Firs just along the road from here, the chairman Mr Frank Pidgeon of White Oxon Farm and Treasurer Mr Tom Madge of Westmead, they could not have imagined it would have lasted this long.

1947, I remember that year well, I was 12 years old. January started off as one of the coldest snowiest winters of my lifetime. Summer came, hot and dry, and with it a plague of cabbage white butterflies, their offspring munching their way through everyone’s cabbage and green crops. But someone had the foresight to include in the show schedule a class in the children’s section, for the greatest number of cabbage white butterflies caught and destroyed. So, I and two of my young friends decided to see how many we could catch. But on the show morning my two friends decided to pool their catches together to try and beat me. But I still won 1st prize with my 1050. But of course, that was 70 years ago.
Originally the Garden Show & Sports were two separate events. The garden show being held in the old village hall and the sports in the field where Garden Park and Garden Close now stand. After a short time, the two were combined and a marquee was hired and erected in the field with the sports. This continued until 1980 when planning permission was granted for the building of Garden Close. Garden Park was built in 1949-50 but, this did not affect the sports track. So, a new venue was found here in this field. The last year a marquee had to be hired was in 1995.  Its hire cost was £777.00 which 22 years ago was a lot of money, which had to be raised through the year by the village, a lot of hard work.

With the building of the New Hall the financial future of the garden show was guaranteed as the hall hire is now a mere fraction of the cost of the old marquee. So here we are today, lovely weather as usual, only once in the 70 year’s was the garden show cancelled due to wet weather, that was in the mid 1960’s. There are a lot of sideshows and sports for you to enjoy and inside the hall fantastic exhibits.  There are refreshments and a lamb roast as well. So, with that have a wonderful afternoon, I know declare the 70th garden show and sports open.

Trophies Awarded

See below for details of the trophies awarded in the Garden Show and for the Sports. A big thank you to the judges and stewards for helping towards another successful year.

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