Rattery Parish Plan - Business and the local economy

"Rattery Parish plays host to a range of businesses including farming; engineering; leisure and
recreation; service sector etc. and collectively these employ a considerable number of people. In addition, there will be parishioners who work permanently or part of the time from home. Whilst in part the interests of these businesses will be picked up through the work of the
other working groups, there will inevitably be issues that are of particular interest to the business community.

The Parish Plan will need to take into account the nature and distribution of businesses in the Parish; current and future employment prospects; any potential expansion plans; and particular infrastructure requirements etc. as these businesses form an important part of our community.

A small Working Group will be established to help oversee the production of a simple questionnaire and be a point of contact for the business community. The aim will be to build up a picture of the local economy and businesses, and recommend to the Steering Group information for inclusion in the Parish Plan"