Rattery Parish Plan - Drainage

A small group has been established to identify drainage problems. Where appropriate this information will be used to advise the appropriate authorities for possible future improvement works, improved maintenance and to be taken into account when considering future planning applications.

For the purposes of this study drainage covers drainage from greenfield and developed areas, all receiving watercourses (rivers, streams, ditches, culverts), sewers and highway drains.

There are locations within the parish where streams can cause problems in prolonged heavy rainfall and where water accumulates on roads.

The group are currently recording details of known drainage problems and this will be extended, as appropriate, to include additional problems identified as part of the future parish plan questionnaire.

If you are aware of drainage issues which the group can investigate please send brief details to plan@ratteryvillage.co.uk or telephone our Parish Plan Secretary on 01364 72475

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Drainage Information