Rattery Parish Plan - Roads, traffic and public transport

A small group has met to identify the main issues that might be of concern to the community. Several Parishioners have already identified some areas of concern, these include road safety- particularly speeding and access at the junctions onto the main roads; highway and hedgerow maintenance; litter; public transport timetables; and parking in Rattery village. We will ask parishioners to give their views on these matters as part of the parish plan questionnaire to be sent out later this year. 

In the meantime we would welcome ideas, suggestions and information you may have.

Rattery Parish has 2 major routes passing through its boundary – the A38 past Dry Bridge and the A385 from Marley head to just past Culver Lane. The village itself is serviced by a network of lanes that are single track roads in part.

We hope that your responses on the proposed questionnaire will provide information on the things that are important to you, the areas that are satisfactory and how to improve things for the future.
We are currently concentrating on Road Safety and would welcome your input on the following areas:

  • Speed
  • Traffic volume/type of use
  • Hazardous/high risks sections of road
  • Signage and traffic calming measures
  • Safety of non-motorists, e.g.pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders etc.

or any other road safety matters
If you have something to add to assist us please contact the Parish Plan Secretary on plan@ratteryvillage.co.uk  or tel 01364 72475 and they will forward your input to us.
We would also like a couple more Parishioners to join our group so please contact us if you think you can spare some time to help.

Update from Sue Tett Parish Plan lead for Roads, Traffic & Public Transport 24.10.16.

Re Highway Maintenance

Sue Tett has contacted Devon Highways and reported the poor state of the road verges along the stretch of road between Ashbourne and Dry Bridge and asked that they repair them due to them being severely rutted and leaving a steep drop from the road edge. This is a particular hazard in the dark. It is hoped that they will  repair the verges as several vehicles have been observed being forced onto the verge by oncoming traffic only to find themselves drop into a large hole.

Sue has also reported the poor state of all the signs a the Marley Head Junctions/Roundabouts. They are falling over, filthy and unreadable in some cases. It is also poor impression for the area that some brown signs are filthy and have black tape over them. Let's not forget that the Highways charge local businesses for the signs so they should be of an appropriate standard and maintained.

Both of these problems have been reported by a number Parishioners. Sue has met with a Devon County Highways representative regarding these matters and will report any updates when recieved.

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