Rattery Parish - Trees for Rattery

Free trees 2019 - One for every household in Rattery

To launch our climate emergency response plan the Parish Council is providing each household in Rattery with a tree to plant this autumn.

Choose a tree from the selection below and send:
Choice of tree;
Whether you can plant it yourself, or want it planted somewhere in Rattery on your behalf;
Your address
to:  environment@ratteryvillage.co.uk ... and when you have planted your tree send a picture to webmaster@ratteryvillage.co.uk to help us create a virtual forest.

Click on image for larger picture -
Click on name of tree for more information from the Woodland Trust
Oak (36M)
Beech (36M)
Hornbeam (30M)
Lime (30M)
Aspen (16M)
Wild Pear (15M)
Hawthorn (12M)
Rowan (8M)
Hazel (6M)
Elder (5M)
Spindle (5M)
Dogwood (2M)