Volunteering in Rattery

This page lists opportunities to vounteer for activities in the parish. Some opportunities may require a longer term commitment whilst others may be for a one off event. For more information please email or telephone the named contact.

If you would like to advertise volunteering opportunities in the parish please email

Saturday 20 September 11am-5pm (any time between those times)
Help needed to set up and run the Climate Fair. This will be quite a big event, so all help welcomed. Contact Kim Howard (environment@ratteryvillage.co.uk) if you can help.

Wanted – volunteers for the graveyard working party!

If you, or anyone you know, would like to get involved in caring for the graveyard, please speak to the Church Wardens or to Rob Needham (robroving7@gmail.com), or any of the church yard volunteer party.
Many thanks

We are going to need some new help please.

If you have 1.5 hours to 2 hours spare once every 5-6 weeks - PLEASE can you spend your spare time helping us to keep our beautiful church clean.

We operate in two's so you are never alone. The church is cleaned each week - some teams clean on a Friday others on a Saturday.

A couple of our volunteers are moving house and out of the area so our numbers are being depleted. Please do get in touch email Kay

The work of the Parish Council depends on volunteers willing to join small advisory groups that meet every so often to consider different aspects of parish council responsibilities. The time commitment is not too great and you would be making a difference.

Fresh thinking is always welcome and we would be very grateful indeed to see some new people join those groups.

Please let us know if you might be interested. You can do so by contacting our Clerk, Sharon Raggett on  01364 654607 l or email or our Chairman, Richard Haigh, on 01364 72239 or email

The groups are:
Building and Land Development
Business and Telecoms
Children and Young People
Highways and Drainage

As you’ll read in the Parish Annual Report, we have set up a charity called the Rattery Environment Group (REG). The aim is to conserve, protect and improving the natural and physical environment in the parish for the public good. So there will be lots of practical work to be done.

The REG has already secured a grant of £4,500 for the Kettlewell Conservation Project. This project creates a new permissive path in the heart of Rattery village, and means we can work together to enhance and conserve an important wildlife corridor. For details see the March 1st post on the Parish Council Blog

The REG will only be successful if we can gather together lots of people who are all willing to give a bit of time and practical help. If you would like to help please get in contact with Kim Howard on 01364 642511 or email.

The Parish is part of the County Council’s Road Warden Scheme. DCC gives us materials, tools and safety training so that we can do some minor work to keep the lanes safe and well maintained.

DCC is struggling to keep on top of major problems and big potholes and the Road Warden scheme aims to help local communities do minor things that the County Council can no longer afford to do.

Could you spare a little time to help?

If so please contact our Road Warden, Lister Bass, email