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Please join us and make a Pledge for Nature, and be part of a growing movement in the UK, to save our threatened wildlife, bees, insects and plants.
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We are all aware of the shocking statistics showing the decline of biodiversity that threatens our climate, food sources and water. It can make you feel powerless. But together we can make a real difference by pledging a project, large or small, so our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy nature on a healthy planet.

How To Take Part

Choose from our menu of projects for your garden or land. There’s something for everyone, all ages, purses, fitness levels and expertise. Your pledge will be recorded on the interactive map below.

Click on the boxes below for links to useful advice websites. Choose which pledges you want to make then fill in the easy pledge form. Our team will add the appropriate symbol over your garden on the map.


Each of these boxes leads to page for information and useful web links advising you on measures you can pledge to take in your garden. You’ll also find a link to our pledge form, which will open in another window so you can fill in as you peruse the site.

Bird Box or feeder
Many garden bird species are in decline. Help them with a box or feeder. Click here to find out
how to easily make your own.

Wildlife Pond
A wildlife pond of any size is a great way of inviting wildlife including amphibians, insects and birds.

Hedgehog Home
Make a hedgehog friendly area in your garden. We have had hedgehogs in the area in the last year and they need encouragement to thrive.
Wildflower Patch
The wildflower meadows some remember from childhood declined dramatically. Wildflowers are excellent for encouraging insects, bees and pollination.
Support Bees
Vital to our planet, and for pollinating our food crops. Cutting use of pesticides and introducing the right plants will help ensure they thrive.

Plant a Tree
Trees slow global warming, provide food for birds, insects, or your family, and habitat for wildlife. UK has the lowest tree cover in Europe. Let’s help change that.
Bat Box & Plants
Bats play an essential role in pest control, pollinating plants and dispersing seeds, yet are in decline. Help them with a bat box or favourite plants.

Butterfly Plants
Butterflies are important pollinators, eating weedy plants and providing food for other animals – as well as their life cycle being fascinating for children.

Insect Hotel
Insects are vital in managing pests and provide a food source for small mammals.

What to do next

Click on the pictures above to find out more. Decide which pledge(s) you’d like to make. Click below to fill in the pledge form then press send. We will add your pledge to the map.

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